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Apsync for Jetpack 4.2 on Jetson TX2

(mtbsteve) #1

I started to make some modifications to the Apsync code in order to make it run on the latest Jetpack 4.2 release along with Ubuntu 18.04.
While my focus is on the Jetson TX2, it should also work on a Nano. However for the Nano, it is still to be determined how to communicate with the FC.

With Jetpack 4.2, no further kernel patches are needed for eg the Auvidea J120 board and the install process is significantly simplified compared to the 3.x versions of Jetpack.

Here is the link to the install instructions on my github:

The code is not perfect and not fully tested yet. Before I start creating pull requests to Apsync master I would appreciate if someone would be interested in testing the installation.
@peterbarker maybe you also could take a look.

(Nick) #2

Thank you for taking the time to make this image. I will likely give it a try soon since I’m having really strange issues with my TX2 + J120 + ArduPilot setup (see MAVLink communication issues (TX2 + J120 Carrier) for details) in which I can’t establish stable communication via MAVProxy or MAVROS.

EDIT: Please see below for comments during installation:

  1. Small bug in sudo - “rdupilot” should be “ardupilot”
  2. Everything installed successfully! The wifi hotspot “ardupilot” comes up automatically on boot, and I can ssh from another machine. I have not tested any other functionality.
  3. I ran this on a patched kernel of JetPack4.2 using Auvidea’s J120 patch, otherwise the USB would not work after flashing 4.2
  4. Unfortunately this APSync image does not solve my strange MAVLink communication issues, any suggestions would be welcome :frowning:
(mtbsteve) #3

New version of apsync for the Jetson TX2 including now APStreamline

Some more improvements of apsync for the TX2 running Jetpack 4.2.
I also modified APWeb for use with the TX2:

Major changes:

  • APStreamline included (thanks to @shortstheory)
  • Lots of fixes (thanks for everyone contributing to testing)
  • Legacy code removed
  • Screens for APWeb adopted for the TX2 options

@nrotella I am still using the Jetson Development Board where everything is working smoothly. My J120 is still waiting for deployment - I will come to this once I managed the ZED camera install :slight_smile: