Anyone here used TBS VTX and setup osd?

Anyone is using TBS video transmitter? And did you managed to set up any OSD for your display? Would you share how you managed to do that?

I have a TBS Unify Pro32 HV and OSD. Perhaps the easiest guide to follow, the most comprehensive anyway, is Andy’s 7" LR build blog. It’s using the same hardware and he has configured multiple OSD screens.

7" LR Build

Hi, Yes thanks this is helpful. Do you use any OSD board? What board did you use?

An OSD chip is integrated on many Flight Controllers.

Thanks alot. I am using pixhawk 6 wonder if there is any

Anyway I am getting Minim OSD to test it out.

Btw I checked with Holybro, they have a micro osd v2. I buying that to try. Seems like Minim OSD is pretty outdated. Still use Mavlink 1