Anybody using Tattu smart batteries?

Hi all, has anybody here used the tattu smart batteries with their copter and can give any real world feedback and pros/cons.

I’m considering buying this battery, but it’s pretty expensive and just wanted to see if I can get some recent feedback before I make the investment.
Tattu Plus 1.0 Compact Version 16000mAh 44.4V 15C 12S1P Lipo Smart Battery Pack With AS150U Plug

I do see documentation for it on the ArduPilot site which is good. Any issues getting data out of the battery that you have encountered?

Does anyone know if I have to use one of the tattu chargers with it as well or can I use other chargers? The charger itself is pretty expensive and was hoping not to buy a specialty charger if one of my existing ones can be used.

The user still needs to purchase a Tattu smart charger separately, right.

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