Any chance of UVC video support?

I use Tower so that my UVC capture device works but I love the layout of qgc. Is there any development on getting it to work? Right now I have a 5.8ghz receiver that literally is plug and play for tower and I’d really love to get it working for qgc.

I believe it should already be supported on Andoid. If it’s not working for you, bring it up here:

The only options I see for video input on both regular and daily build beta are UDP, tcp, and Rtsp. Is there some extra step I have to do with my uvc card to make it send out as tcp or udp?

is there anyone this chat or forum that can help?

how is it possible to once view UVC video on qgrounstation using android?

yup, same question over here. In Tower it works perfect but in QGoundcontrol not.

Can you move this to a QGC GitHub Issue and then we can contine discussion there and I can get the right people involved.

DonLakeFlyer, how do I move this to GitHub? Can you help me?

Hey guys was UVC support in QGroundcontrol ever done.
I don’t see the option in the config so thought I would ask.

Edit…never mind it’s a QT issue

Happy New Year all

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UVC support was added ages ago. That said the support comes from Qt so we get whatever they support. Which from what I hear is not that great. So some things work, some don’t.

Thanks Don
Ya I kept digging into it and came across some posts about QT and so didn’t look further. Thanks for getting back to me.

I believe you go through Settings/General/Video to hook it up. Not quite sure, haven’t really used it.

Yes I found the video config but UVC isn’t an option in the drop down so I have to assume that QT isn’t supporting it.

I think if the UVC device is plugged in it shows up in the dropdown list as a source.

Ya no go.
Will try on my windows Tablet tonight.

So here are my observations.
On Android.
UVC video works in a version of Tower I have,
UVC video is a no go on qGroundControl.

Windows 10
UVC works on Mission Planner.
UVC works on Qgroundcontrol. Requires selection of the video source and then restart it. But it works.

So much to my disappointment I can’t use qGroundcontrol…sadness.

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I am trying to use QGC on Android (a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone - Android version 7) and UVC is not one of the options available under “Video Source”.

Does that mean that UVC is still not supported on Android?

QGC supports UVC but the underlying library we use for it seems to not work with all UVC devices and the devices supported varies by the OS you are running QGC on. So some work, some don’t on some OS.

There is a workaround to use UVC on QGC . Try to install USB camera connect EasyCap .This app can route an UVC video to RTSP streaming. I successful tested with an OTG receiver. QGC support UDP/TCP/RTSP and work fine. The problem is that QGC is not a native Android application but is compiled from a cross compiler platform ( QT framework )
As @DonLakeFlyer said, some work e some doesn’t…

Thanks @DomenicoPatella, that workaround solves the problem beatifully … :grinning:

Now I can use QGC on my Galaxy S6 and see what the on-board camera is seeing - perfect!