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Any chance of UVC video support?

(Seth Miller) #1

I use Tower so that my UVC capture device works but I love the layout of qgc. Is there any development on getting it to work? Right now I have a 5.8ghz receiver that literally is plug and play for tower and I’d really love to get it working for qgc.

(DonLakeFlyer) #2

I believe it should already be supported on Andoid. If it’s not working for you, bring it up here:

(Seth Miller) #3

The only options I see for video input on both regular and daily build beta are UDP, tcp, and Rtsp. Is there some extra step I have to do with my uvc card to make it send out as tcp or udp?

(Canarias Stock ) #4

is there anyone this chat or forum that can help?

how is it possible to once view UVC video on qgrounstation using android?

(Bas Hamans) #5

yup, same question over here. In Tower it works perfect but in QGoundcontrol not.

(DonLakeFlyer) #6

Can you move this to a QGC GitHub Issue and then we can contine discussion there and I can get the right people involved.

(Bas Hamans) #7

DonLakeFlyer, how do I move this to GitHub? Can you help me?

(DonLakeFlyer) #8

(RickyG) #9

Hey guys was UVC support in QGroundcontrol ever done.
I don’t see the option in the config so thought I would ask.

Edit…never mind it’s a QT issue

Happy New Year all

(DonLakeFlyer) #10

UVC support was added ages ago. That said the support comes from Qt so we get whatever they support. Which from what I hear is not that great. So some things work, some don’t.

(RickyG) #11

Thanks Don
Ya I kept digging into it and came across some posts about QT and so didn’t look further. Thanks for getting back to me.

(DonLakeFlyer) #12

I believe you go through Settings/General/Video to hook it up. Not quite sure, haven’t really used it.

(RickyG) #13

Yes I found the video config but UVC isn’t an option in the drop down so I have to assume that QT isn’t supporting it.

(DonLakeFlyer) #14

I think if the UVC device is plugged in it shows up in the dropdown list as a source.

(RickyG) #15

Ya no go.
Will try on my windows Tablet tonight.

(RickyG) #16

So here are my observations.
On Android.
UVC video works in a version of Tower I have,
UVC video is a no go on qGroundControl.

Windows 10
UVC works on Mission Planner.
UVC works on Qgroundcontrol. Requires selection of the video source and then restart it. But it works.

So much to my disappointment I can’t use qGroundcontrol…sadness.