An Open Source Frsky Telemetry Script for the Horus X10,X12 and Taranis X9D,X9E and QX7 radios

well it was not the config file anyway because i took off one off FLVSS LiPo Voltage Sensor
same old issue but this time its not with 3 FLVSS LiPo Voltage Sensor
i cant run more than one FLVSS LiPo Voltage Sensor if i do the GPS stop
that is pain
on plane 3.9.11

ok, I’ll prepare a patched 3.9.11 plane for the Cubeblack

Colin I missed this one.
No there’s no easy way, it would be easy to create 2 widget folders for the main script but not that easy to have multiple /SCRIPT/YAAPU/cfg folders, but it’s actually a very good request and I’ll add it to the list.

Colin I posted the fix on the scheduler thread

All good just flashed the Cube now i have a GPS :+1:

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Ok, I have now about 3,5 hours of testing without any problems, its working great. Thank you very much!

Great news Tobias, really glad it works all right

Hi @yaapu,
very thank’s for your work!
I’m installed yaapu 1.8.1b on my Jumper T16. My FC send mavlink to teensy 3.2 and FrSky x8r.
In widget i view mavlink messages status, armed disarmed, fly modes but no sensor…
When i discover sensor in Telemetry i see the sensors (no GPS) but for all ID = 0 and no valor.
What a mistake I made?

Thank’s to all

Hi Sicildroni,
thank you for using my Widget :slight_smile:

What ardupilot version do you have?
What firmware are you using on the teensy?


Hi @yaapu, thank’s for your reply :slight_smile:
Arducopter is 3.6.11 and Teensy (3.2) as uploaded MAV2PT_2.34 (today publied)…
After a few seconds sensors they become red and never show values …
In my Jumper T16 i upload your Widget 1.8.1b
Same problem whit MavlinkToPassthruPlus_v0.31

this looks more like a problem with the teensy configuration, perhaps rssi is missing… you better ask for help in the mav2PT thread here


Could you post a TLog for us?

Hi friends,
thank’s to all for support :slight_smile:
I resolved setting SRX parameters of Ardupilot!

Thank’s friends @yaapu @Eric_Stockenstrom

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Buddy what can i say that horus_1.8.1_beta1 map is great took it out or a spin no one issue and i like that you can put it one the screen on the horus :grinning::grinning::+1:

Thanks Colin,
user feedback is really important! Let me know if you spot any issues!

Oops, I just set up version you passed me a few weeks ago… it got a bit busy over here :sweat_smile:

I’ll got to the field tomorrow and test this beta1.

EDIT 20h later: It’s raining like crazy… :rowing_woman: :persevere:

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Hi Alex-ArduPlane has a new Takeoff Flight mode (in dev). Just FYI for your next update as the script is not calling it now. I suspect this will be a popular feature as an Auto Mission was required before.

Hi Dave, actually I missed it :frowning: I’ll add it asap

Hello Alex, first a great compliment for your work :+1::+1::+1:
I Have installed 1.8.1_beta1 on Horus X10 with opentx 2.3.1 Everything is working but I need some help with the symbols at the screen.

The horizon lines are in the right lower corner, the arrow in the map directs to the opposite according to the heading and also the position of the arrow should be more left below the house. The yellow dots are in the right position.

The horizon lines are switched - arrow should be below lines.

Also here the arrow is not at the right position.
May you have a little help for what I have done wrong or maybe it’s because the opentx 2.3.1 version?
The horus 1.8.1 beta1 download was from github

greetings from Bavaria

Hi buddy first are you testing in side
first you need to Accel calibration on you flight controller
and the compass calibration this is why your getting bad ahrs because the compass and the gps are fighting each other