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An Open Source Frsky Telemetry Script for the Horus X10,X12 and Taranis X9D,X9E and QX7 radios


(Mark Brummett) #41

At the direction of my brother @Lance_B, I installed this on my X9D+. Love the interface. Had been a C&T user (that interface is good as well) but after major releases and having to pay to upgrade it left a sour taste. Not that I don’t mind paying for a good product, but at the outset the assumption was that you’d pay up front for the software and upgrades would be free, at least for a time. Having to pay for it twice in one year left me flat on it.

(Lance Brummett) #42

Get 2 thumbs up here.

The interface is super informative and user friendly, no more lag on updates.

Very nice work Yap/Alex.


Hi Greg, sorry to bother you.
How do you connect a FrSky X8R with the PixHawk2.1? I am not sure what cable!?
My Taranis X9D+ has been upgraded to OpenTX v2.2.1, no problems. Now I am a bit stuck regarding hardware connection.
You are so good in explaining things.

Sorry, I just found your answer at – FX-79 Buffalo QuadPlane Conversion –

(Alain Chartier) #44

hi Alex I just realized that I forgot the file maxalt.wav in French, I attach the file

(Alain Chartier) #45

maxalt.wav file french

(Alex Apostoli) #46

I uploaded the file to the github repo, thanks for the update.

(Greg Covey) #47

I made a quick demo showing some of the features in the Yaapu LUA Telemetry. My MavLink Message screen didn’t have much on it because the quadcopter had been on for a while. Normally, the message beeps are heard for each message as the Pixhawk initializes and GPS get a 3D lock.

Having GCS-like telemetry right on the Taranis transmitter is very convenient. It is a great application so give it a try!

(Alex Apostoli) #48

Hi all,
what do you think of a HUD with a dark ground background, in my opinion it’s much easier to “read”

hud with white “ground”


hud with black “ground”


Note: I tried with different levels of GREY but I do not like the way it renders on screen

feedback welcome

(Fnoop) #49

Much easier to cognitively parse. More like normal artificial horizons, clearer to see!

(Joe) #50

I like the dark. For it seems easier to see at a glance.

(Greg Covey) #51

I like the dark too.

(Mark Brummett) #52

Same. It look like an attitude indicator on a small plane.

(Igor) #53

In my opinion, way, way better!

(Alain Chartier) #54

I prefere in black the horizon is more visible

(Alex Apostoli) #55

I agree, next release will have the dark version, thanks to all who took the time to respond.

(Aurelio De Martini) #56

Hi Alex thanks a lot for this wonderful script ! I’m testing it on Taranis X9DE+ SE and when I run it I got “Script Panic not enough memory”: Any glue what could cause this error ?

(Joe) #57

@ Digital,
Try removing the 3 folders from your sd card and replace them with what Alex provides.

(Alex Apostoli) #58

also make sure the radio is not trying to compile the script: remove the yaapu9.lua file and only leave the yaapu9.luac one.
If the script does not start then try to rename yaapu9.luac in yaapu9.lua.

I had reports that sqt5font needs to be unchecked for memory hungry scripts to work

This is how I test it on my radio


(Greg Covey) #59

I am using the yaapu9.luac file without issue on this setup. I don’t care for that sqt5font.


(David Nagle) #60

Hi Guys, I am new to the Frysky way of doing things and I’d like to get Some Telemetry for my Setup. I have a Genuine 3DR Pixhawk, Frsky 8XR rx.

I have been reading a bit and would like to know what I need to get it to be able to have this telemetry on my system.

Please excuse me if I am in the wrong place.

Cheers Dave.