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An Open Source Frsky Telemetry Script for the Horus X10,X12 and Taranis X9D,X9E and QX7 radios


(Alex Apostoli) #201

If I recall right should be bound in D16

(Jeremiah Wong) #202

Any idea if you are working on TBS Crossfire support?

(Alex Apostoli) #203

If crossfire can do mavlink down to the taranis than with Eric’s project you could use my scripts

(Alex Apostoli) #204

The second digit on current it’s not committed yet,
I’ll commit it soon.

Could be the airspeed sensor configuration?
I had another user with a bad health on airspeed and the telemetry would not show hor speed.

(Henry Wurzburg) #205

hor speed is fine…its vspeed and vario that do not display

I do not have an airspeed sensor…my OSD displays both the synthetic airspeed and gps ground speed…airspeed sensor type is “0”…so the LUA script is evidently showing me ground speed from what you are saying…but that should not impact the climb rate data

(Roman) #206

Thank you!
I suspected this, I will try D16
the smart port is declared only in d16, but I received telemetry Pixhavk from D8

Required mode D16!

(Henry Wurzburg) #207

Alex, I noticed one other anomaly today…voice alerts for battery % remaining dont seem to be working right…sometimes its announced, but it is way off from the actual level, and sometimes it just is not announced at all…the display % on both the normal page and direct sensor pages is correct and matches the OSD values exactly…capacity is correct on display also…
I though it may be some kind of variable miss-cast in the Events function, but I can’t see it, but I’m only a novice…I am only using one battery
all other voice warnings/announcements seem correct…the wav files are there and correct

(MobyDick) #208


thanks Alex. It works fine. I only have small questions and a small failure.
I´m using 1.5.0 RC1. Perhaps i need a update.

  1. What is V/fc? It´s always so low. I thought it´s the fc voltage. But in telemtry log, it´s higher.
    2 Is there somewhere a describtion which values are shown?
  2. Today i had a freezing script. Reboot taranis and it was ok.

Many greets

(Corrado Steri) #209

Is Ground speed shown anywhere on the script?


(Alex Apostoli) #210

this is the X9D screen layout

@MobyDick, FC is the battery voltage reported by the flight controller, if it’s too low try to override the cell count from the menu, maybe auto detection is failing

@hurzburg, Henry I need a dump of what your radio is receiving, you are hitting too many issues at the same time, it’s too hard to debug it by “guessing” what’s going on

@Corrado_Steri, ground speed is reported ONLY if there’s no airspeed sensor configured in mission planner, if an airspeed sensor is enabled and working the value displayed would be airspeed, if for any reason the airspeed sensor does not work than the script would display 0 as horiz speed.
This is something hard coded in the sending part of the libarry, I have no control over this, please take a look at post #154 in this thread, Luca and I went over this already



(Henry Wurzburg) #211

Alex, will log the next flight and send to you…hopefully the passthrough ids will be captured also…I ran discover sensors…

(Corrado Steri) #212

I didn’t specify but i can’t find ground speed on X7, don’t have any airspeed sensor configured.


(Alex Apostoli) #213

New x7 layout will have ground speed :slight_smile: couple more days prior to release

(MobyDick) #214

Battery cell voltage…cool.
But i had still the problem of freezing values. Today home distance was freezed.
I´m using a X9D.
I will test tomorrow aggain with your last version

(Corrado Steri) #215

Thank you very much!!!

(Alex Apostoli) #216

Battery cell voltage…cool.
Do you mean FC cell voltage was fixed by cell count override?

@MobyDick what is your setup, battery, frsky sensors, flightcontroller, ardupilot version, receiver, opentx version.

I setup my radio as


Do you have any differences besides the [eu] checkbox, I haven’t had a single report of a freeze so I think it’s worth investigate.-


(MobyDick) #217

Because of battery voltage, i thought it was the voltage from the cpu which is also in the ardupilot logs.
It was a misunderstanding by me.

However…my setup:
Taranis X9D (one of the first, noneu) and opentx 2.2.1
Radio setup: only LUAC and nonheli is checked and language "DE"
Arducopter quad x on an AUAV-X2 FC, latest softwareversion 3.5.5
X8R receiver with such a ttl adapter
No frsky sensors, also no single cell sensor.
I made never a sensor search with your script

Freezing was at battery (right lower corner), home distance, and altitude over homepoint

(Alex Apostoli) #218

By freezing you mean that for a while those values did not change, and then they started to be updated or they froze and never updated again or simply they where at zero and never changed?
Where you receiving messages in the meantime, and if so how many, I’m asking because when there are pending messages the frsky telemetry library freezes all sensors but hud and messages.
I’m sending you a debug version that creates a log file so I can see what you are actually receiving,



(MobyDick) #219

Such way. I made restart of Taranis and it was ok.

" Where you receiving messages in the meantime, and if so how many, I’m asking because when there are pending messages the frsky telemetry library freezes all sensors but hud and messages."
I´m not sure if hud was still alive. But altitude was frozen
I don´t know number of messages.

Next days i will test your version

(Corrado Steri) #220

I can’t understand what FC indicates on the radio, at beginning of flight it reads 4,2 volts, at the end of flight it reads 3,5 volts. I think it should be the Flight Controller voltage, but if i read FC voltage (power vcc) on the logs it always reads between 4,82 and 4,86 Volts.
Maybe an offset to be fixed?