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An Open Source Frsky Telemetry Script for the Horus X10,X12 and Taranis X9D,X9E and QX7 radios


(Alex Apostoli) #181

I agree, we’ll have to test it and see, the telemetry library doesn’t do any checking at all, looks like it sends what is reported by the rangefinder

// rangefinder measurement in cm
attiandrng |= prep_number(_rng.distance_cm_orient(ROTATION_PITCH_270), 3, 

the relevant function is

 * prepare attitude (roll, pitch) and range data
 * for FrSky SPort Passthrough (OpenTX) protocol (X-receivers)
uint32_t AP_Frsky_Telem::calc_attiandrng(void)
    uint32_t attiandrng;

    // roll from [-18000;18000] centidegrees to unsigned .2 degree increments [0;1800] (just in case, limit to 2047 (0x7FF) since the value is stored on 11 bits)
    attiandrng = ((uint16_t)roundf((_ahrs.roll_sensor + 18000) * 0.05f) & ATTIANDRNG_ROLL_LIMIT);
    // pitch from [-9000;9000] centidegrees to unsigned .2 degree increments [0;900] (just in case, limit to 1023 (0x3FF) since the value is stored on 10 bits)
    attiandrng |= ((uint16_t)roundf((_ahrs.pitch_sensor + 9000) * 0.05f) & ATTIANDRNG_PITCH_LIMIT)<<ATTIANDRNG_PITCH_OFFSET;
    // rangefinder measurement in cm
    attiandrng |= prep_number(_rng.distance_cm_orient(ROTATION_PITCH_270), 3, 1)<<ATTIANDRNG_RNGFND_OFFSET;
    return attiandrng;

Edit: I checked the code briefly, looks like we’ll get raw values even when out of range, only EKF2 and EKF3 seem to use RNGFND_MAX_CM

Edit: If this is the case I could add a menu option to specify the RNGFND_MAX_CM, with vocal warning when out of range :slight_smile:

(chris rey) #182

Sorry,what do you mean with “raw values” the basic Baro value or the calculated EKF value?

(Alex Apostoli) #183

Sorry Chris I meant that the frsky telemetry library sends the “raw” values reported by the rangefinder without doing any checking wheter they exceed RNGFND_MAX_CM or not.

From my (rather quick) checks appears that only EKF2 and EKF3 libraries do check for max ranges and ignore the value when necessary.

(chris rey) #184

So what do you suggest? You always make the right choice :slight_smile:

(Alex Apostoli) #185

I’ll enable rangefinder display and if necessary add a menu option to configure max range in the script.
This way I can also add a vocal alert when you reach that limit.
This unless there’s a “smart” way to detect out of range values, we’ll see :slight_smile:

(chris rey) #186

great, thanks anyway and for this, I gave you a like :wink:

(Henry Wurzburg aka ATX_HELI) #187

great work! a couple of questions

  1. my cell voltage always flashes…I have both alerts at 3.5v (default)…I have FC source pre-selected instead of auto…
  2. any chance of an imperial units version?

(Alex Apostoli) #188

Hi Henry,
battery level 2 should be lower than level 1, it’s in the docs (defaults are wrong, my fault).
The scripts works all right even with level 1 equal to level 2.
Battery flashing is “sticky” once the battery voltage falls below the configured level the flashing will persist even if the voltage raises above.
Vocal alerts are played periodically only if the voltage is below, as soon as it raises they stop.
What is the exact behaviour that you observe?

As for the imperial version could you provide me with the correct units to use for vspeed, altitude, etc?
An imperial version would be for sure a compile time option.


(Alex Apostoli) #189

Hi, the Horus version is on github



(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #190

Congrats Alex :slight_smile:

Please change it because I don’t like the color :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

(Henry Wurzburg aka ATX_HELI) #191

I powered up FC, powered up Taranis, cell value (4.2V) was flashing…just tried agian on bench at home, doesnt flash…will play some more with it…

as to imperial units… vspeed: ft/min or ft/s hspeed: miles/hour altitude, distance: feet


(Boom_Boom) #192

Thank you Alex!
Looking forward to trying this script on a Horus X10S.

(Henry Wurzburg aka ATX_HELI) #193

While flying today I noticed that the speed box on the artificial horizon display always remains at 0…

the horizontal speed box is reading airspeed (I think)
I have both airspeed and groundspeed displayed on my OSD…

any idea what the issue may be?

(Alex Apostoli) #194

Hi Henry,
that’s weird, box on the left side of the hud is vertical speed, the vario was also still?
How about altitude, was is correct?
If you configured the airspeed sensor in mission planner then hor speed is airspeed.

Edit: I double checked and ran the script on github on my setup and vertical speed works, but I do not have and airspeed sensor. This to prove that the script displays what telemetry is sending.
Did the OSD display vspeed?

(Alex Apostoli) #195

Hi Chris,
this is what I’ve come up with,

rangefinder enabled via menu
(range is reported right below DGPS fix status, prefix is “R”)



(same position but you get GPS altitude)



It blinks when out of range


should work :slight_smile:

(Henry Wurzburg aka ATX_HELI) #196

yes, the OSD displays climb rate correctly…

(Alex Apostoli) #197

Henry what radio do you have?

(Alex Apostoli) #198

Hi Nando,
new users are welcome especially since the Horus version is still in beta testing!

report back your findings,


(Henry Wurzburg aka ATX_HELI) #199

I have a Taranis 9D…the vario is not moving either…today I ran discover sensors and showed them on the second page…vspeed and gndspd were reporting 0…everything else was normal…

sounds like Arduplane is not sending the data?

also, the second digit on current consumption is not showing…thought that was already in the script now…

(Roman) #200

I have a problem

Taranis 9+, pixhawk, FUL1+SPC converter, x8r (mode D8)

SERIAL2_ PROTOCOL 4 - running

SERIAL2_ PROTOCOL 10 - no telemetry data
available sensors:
What can be wrong?