Altitude Decrease in Loiter Mode

Hi, I am flying in Loiter mode using ArduPilot SITL. When I want to go forward, there is a loss of altitude due to the pitch. This is a normal case. For example, I’m flying at an altitude of 40 meters. When I want to go forward, the altitude decreases at the rate I want to move forward (40/39/37/35 etc.).

But what should I do if I need to move at a fixed altitude? What parameters do I need to edit or use for forward movement at a fixed altitude?

GCS: QGC V4.2.3 with MAVProxy
Firmware: 4.3.0dev

You need to protect your barometer against wind.
The venturi effect is causing an increase in pressure, causing the drone to drop to compensate.

Can you help me how to solve this error?

There is no software parameter to fix that. You need to cover your barometer physically.

And you should read

Didn’t he say he is using SITL? I don’t think he is using a physical drone.

I use SITL and never saw this effect. So, no, I can not help.

And if the OP does not post the .parm parameter file and/or .bin file, I believe no one else can. :stuck_out_tongue: