No wind estimation using EKF3

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I am not able to get wind estimates in Copter 4.2.1 as described in Windspeed Estimation and Baro Compensation — Copter documentation

The log is available here (XKF2 messages VWN and VWE are always zero). I have set EK3_DRAG_BCOEF_X=150, EK3_DRAG_BCOEF_Y=85 and EK3_DRAG_MCOEF=0.1.

I am using a Mamba 405 MK2 flight controller, so the feature should be available according to the firmware limitations.

I did not find similar topics in this forum or in Issues · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub. So I am kindly asking for help.

Why don’t you try the Custom Firmware Builder and check the “Enable Baro Wind Compensation” box anyway in case it actually is feature limited out.

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I’m afraid wind estimation is only available on boards with more than 1MB of flash. I did a test compile with the MambaF405v2 and the feature was not included.

Perhaps we should hide the parameters to make it more obvious that the feature is not included. I’ll update the limitations page to say wind estimates are also not included… the page mentions a lot of exceptions including the MambaF405v2 (I think) but that exception doesn’t apply to all the items I think so a bit confusing.


Thanks for your suggestion. However the features seems to be absent even with a custom build for my flight controller.

Thank you for clarification. I understand it is even impossible with a custom build with the feature ‘Baro Wind Compensation’ included for 1MB boards, right?


It is certainly possible to manually build a firmware for a 1MB board that includes the wind speed estimation feature but it doesn’t seem that the custom build has a checkbox for it. I’ve added an issue here to add it.

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