Aircraft won't flight straight in Loiter at beginning of flight

Hi All,

I am having a strange issue. I just installed a Pixhawk 2.1 Orange Cube and Here3. Previous I was using a Pixhawk Black and Here+ on the same aircraft. This issue did not exist on the old FC/Compass.

The issue is during the first couple minutes of flight the aircraft will fly “Skewed” to the left maybe 5-10 deg. Oddly enough if I continue flying around for a couple minutes doing circles, the aircraft will begin to fly perfectly straight for the remainder of the flight. If I land, disarm and rearm, the problem will begin again until I fly around for about couple min.

I have tried compass calibrating many times in different locations and it has no effect. Like I mentioned earlier with the PH Black and Here+ on the same craft I had no issue. All wires are running in the same areas. Note: I have the internal compass in the Pixhawk disabled as there is too much mag interference in the large craft being used (1600mm Octocopter). So this shouldn’t have any effect, unless EKF2 still uses this data even though it’s disabled?

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

The now ubiquitous “no flight log, no cookie” is applicable :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here is a log:

I just came across this post from a couple years ago. Exact same issue that appears to go unresolved: