After Arming my copter 4.1.2 one motor does not spin At same time

Pixhwak 2.4.8 clone ,

i have followed all the steps from loading firmware to calibrating …
first test flight worked fine …

but for second test flight after arming 1 motor is not spinning and rest 3 are spinning correctly…
After giving little throttle the motor which was not spinning starts spinning ,but with less speed as compared with the other 3 motors…
I Have checked each of the motors during calibration and they work fine.

i have gone through setup once again but the problem persists… please help…

Please help me I’m highly greatful too you thank you

re-calibrate your ESCs, and if needed increase MOT_SPIN_ARM a bit. But make sure MOT_SIPIN_MIN is bigger than MOT_SPIN_ARM

Thank you reply for question

Individually callibrate ?? Or four togather ??

All four together. There is ESC calibration procedures defined in the documentation, and it also discussed a lot in this forum.

Done ESC Calibration just but same problem having i think i should change MOT_SPIN_ARM and MOT_SPIN_MIN.

But how much value is best for copter approx how much can change ??

Thank you

Increment it in steps of 0.01 up to a max value of around 0.15

Okay ,let me do this that you said me and after i will text you what happen…

Thank you @amilcarlucas

Use MissionPlanner motor test to find the lowest reliable start up value and set that as MOT_SPIN_ARM

New build I noticed mine was doing that, I think it was the joystick not being straight when raising , also calibrate the radio

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@amilcarlucas thank you my problem solved …

I just finished setting up my first build, after arming my copter, none of the motors spins until the throttle is at about 87%(got this from the motor test) I have tried esc calibration several times but even after calibration the problem still persists. Please help figure out what is going on

You need to post a .param file.
Check MOT_PWM_MIN and MOT_PWM_MAX parameters. And redo the ESC calibrition until it works.

The motor test must be able to rotate the motors at most at 15%

87% is just too high.

latest.param (15.3 KB)

This is the latest log, so far nothing has changed, I did another calibration but the results are the same

What ESC’s do you have? There is nothing in that parameter file that would cause a problem.

Simonk 30A, microzone MC8B controller, pixhawk 2.4.8, dji 2212 motor, f450 frame

Well, you should replace those with some current technology BLHeli_32 ESC’s. Then you don’t have to worry about calibration and there are several other benefits.

Any suggestions, am currently in china but most retailers do not have the BLHeli_32 stocks

For single ESC’s I would probably go with Aikon or Spedix as I have had good success with both. For 4in1’s there are many to choose from. Pick one that has the current capacity you need.