ADS-B, Mission Planner , and Flightaware ADS-B Dongle

Is it possible to use a Flightaware USB ADS-B receiver with Mission Planner to gather flight data from ADS-B Equipped aircraft in the area. While I know it won’t have the range an in air receiver will have, it will provide some info.

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Yes you can. You need to run dump1090 on your local system or even hook up to a PiAware system remotely. In Mission Planner Under the CONFIG/TUNING tab check the box for ADSB.

Windows version of dump1090 is the zip file as of time of writing. Follow instructions here to set up dump1090.

I think you may need to install the flightaware dump1090. Doesn’t seem to have a windows port.

I haven’t tested Flightaware stick on windows with the MalcolmRobb. I have to get FlightAware Pro Stick for my PiAware box

Great to hear. I have a PiAware currently running at home, and was wondering if Mission Planner could utilize it. Might try it out in the field this weekend…

what output format does it support?

PiAware runs dump1090 so you just need to plug in your ip the port is the same.

If you open the page from PiAware you will notice that you have more planes then on Mission Planner. PiAware has an internet connection and adds local MLAT aircraft. But You will see what your antenna gets.

It is a SDR specifically for 1090. Runs a R820T2 chip has a built in amp and the pro version has a 1090mhz filter. So I assume that the output is the same as using any other supported SDR. “Just needs the flightaware fork of dump1090”. But might just be for the gain settings. Which I could dig into later to see if they can be found or used on the windows port from git I previously posted…I don’t have one yet but was going to get one soonish. I saw a test somewhere with a ton of SDR sticks and it was the winner overall. I thought I saved the link but I’ll keep digging

Dongle Review link

If you do this, will Mission Planner be pushing that information up to the copter where it be handled in the same manner as an onboard receiver (such as the pingRX). Whereas it can take evasive action, produce warnings, etc.

I was actually wondering the same thing. My initial GCS layout was going to include a PiAware with a RPI 7 inch or some sort of cheap display. To show me local aircraft as MLAT wasn’t needed for operations. Flightawares local web page on the RPi has a nice height based color code for aircraft, dark orange color, aircraft are sub 2k. aka the ones I need to start worrying about. I will be doing ops in rather large Class E to surface space. If the info piped into Mission Planner would react like P2P was asking… That would be awesome.
It would be cool if MP could also color code sub 2k or 1k aka descending/ascending aircraft get close to the 400ft ceiling we can fly. I have a regional airport with a few flights a day to Philly and sparse general aircraft.

Mission Planner already supports

dump1090 sbs on tcp 30003
dump1090 avr on tcp 30002
rtl1090 sbs1 on tcp 31004
rtl1090 avr on tcp 31001
adsb# on tcp 47806

if when you start mission planner one of these program is listening on the local pc on those port, mp will decode the adsb packets.

and adsb is enabled in MP options

@Michael_Oborne, does MP send what gets from those up to the aircraft as well? Or is only for local display on the MP map?

in current release version, no, in beta yes

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I realize this is a year old, but has this been implemented in the release versions?


I’ve tested MP recently with a rtl-sdr dongle and rtl-1090 and ads-b traffic showed clearly. I didn’t try to test ads-b avoidance but my guess is that it should work.

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I know this post is old but I am using rtl-sdr receiver and antenna with rtl1090 decoder. I run mission planner and get a socket error when trying to run rtl1090 and mission planner at the same. The error comes up when opening rtl1090. Any ideas? They both work independently.

post more info on the error if you can

I get message… Windows socket error: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted (10048), on API ‘bind’ . This is when I have mission planner running, telemetry flowing and start up rtl1090.

what port is rtl1090 using?

The port assigned in the config is 31022

mission planner doesn’t touch that port
also Mission Planner doesnt bind to any port for adsb. it connected to local ports. so im not 100% sure your issue is Mission Planner at all

So what should I investigate?