360 degree 3D obstacle avoidence quad copter?

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we are trying to develop an agriculture-based quadcopter that has a max speed of 5m/s. now, we are struggling with obstacle avoidance. because we are trying to avoid trees, current poles, and wires. that’s why we are taking the approach of 3D obstacle avoidance. can you please suggest which type of sensor is suitable for our application? your suggestions will be very helpful for us and the farmers also.
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Plenty of info in the Wiki with links to more specific setups.

Obstacle avoidance

Thanks for the reply. But I need suggestion for which type or which model sensor is suitable and affordable for my application?

Did you follow the link for Proximity Sensors and review the supported sensors?

Yes Dave, i checked and tried with some proximity sensors. But that’s not worked as i expected. That why I choose stereo cameras. Now I am testing Realsense. But, using Realsense I can’t achieve 360 degree with affordable price. And Realsense also not giving proper output. If you know any particular 3D basee camera or lidar please suggest. Thanks.

Do you mean 2D (360° in one plane), or really 3D (all around the copter in a (hemi-) spherical area)?

Hi Sebastian,
I need 3D 360 degree avoidence. Because it’s a agriculture drone. In field there is big trees, current poles wires. In 2D plane we can’t detect wires, please. This is the reason I want 3D avoidence.

Ok lets start from beginning
What type and size of drone , add a picture
What is the environment, country
What type of work , and typical mission
Why 360 ? You are not flying forward only?

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our drone type is a quadcopter and the size is 1m1m(lengthwidth). It is an agricultural drone so we are always using open environments like agricultural fields, farms. we are based in India and the main work is pesticide spraying using the survey method in auto mode. we need 360 avoidance because we are not flying always forward because that yaw rotation will affect the flight time and efficiency. so, please suggest any type of high accuracy and affordable camera or sensor. thanks in advance.

Do you have an idea of what detection radius you will need?

Detecting wires may be tricky with cameras or lidars (limited resolution). Would radar / ultrasonics be preferred for this reason?

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we need around an 8m radius. can you suggest any particular model of any radars or ultrasonic?

Generally for pesticide (dry or liquid) , radars are recommended.
Unfortunately there are no “off the shelves” solution for a 360 avoidance system.

Based on spec of one of the few models commercially available, for 360 it would require an array of 12 Radars connected with CanBus ring to a dedicated controler that could Sequentially Scan - Process and send avoidance Mavlink Message to Flight Controler. You can expect this unit to be quite bulky,heavy and expensive.

Alternatively, you could try this experimental module that could be interesting if you have the capacity to do your own R&D : Finally Texas Instruments mm wave radar (3D Radar) IWR6843AOPEVM is working as proximity sensor

Thanks a lot, ppoirier,
I will research the 3D radar. can you please suggest if I go only front-facing obstacle avoidance, which option will be suitable for me?
thanks again.