30KM 1080p 60fps 150ms - SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Video Link Telemetry Radio System

Hi everyone, i am working my first time with a SIYI HM30.
I am writing this because i am facing some issues that i cant resolve.
I’d tried to connect the ground unit to my pc in every cenario possible, yet it only worked with a typeC USB for a couple minutes until connection goes down. I have tried UDP, Bluetooth and none of them work with my PC - windows 11.
I am using QGroundControl and pixhawk 6c, and the it disconnects for some reason i cant explain.
Nevertheless, the video transmission seems to work fine and inenterrupted with internal WIFI and the SIYI FPV APP (on a different PC), but it only transmitts video and no telemetry.
I feel the ground unit is really warm too after a few minutes, which I saw could be caused by the video transmission trough internal wifi.
I am running out of time and none of the solutions ive tried seem to work so if you guys could help me I would apreciate it a lot.

I feel the ground unit is really warm too after a few minutes, which I saw could be caused by the video transmission trough internal wifi.

Your PC should not be far away from the GU if you are using your internal WiFi and it’s better to use a USB-C WiFi adapter

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Do u have a picture of this type of connection please ?
So that I can reproduce the same connection at home and finally plug it to my Hm30 GU and TX16S.

Hey, thank you for you picture, I try to understand the information provided as best as possible, but given that I am a beginner, I do not understand everything that is displayed.
@Risto explained to me the wires I need, but I have several questions in mind, for example :
The RC port needs 4 wires, but on the other side (tx16s) there are 5 male DU-Pont ports available.
Why plug 5 wires (tx16s) given that the rc port (Hm30 GU) only takes 4 into account ?
There will inevitably be an extra wire ?

The connectors have on one side 5 pins, other side 4 pins, but you only need two wires - GND and S.BUS.

  1. First, you connect the TX16S micro JR bay GND pin to HM30 GU RC port GND pin.
  2. Second, you connect TX16S micro JR bay PPM/S.BUS pin to HM30 GU RC port PPM/S.BUS/UART pin.

The remaining connections on TX16S micro JR bay and HM30 GU RC port stay unconnected.

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@SIYI @Risto Hi everyone! Has anyone been able to hardwire Betafpv Literadio 3 pro to the RC input of the HM30? It allows ext module output as PPM, SBUS, Multi, and many others I never heard of. I also have the regular Literadio 3 but that only supports CRSF.

I’m not sure about the pinout of the external module bay, but I assumed the outer right pin is signal/data and GND to its left. I opened it up but there weren’t any labels on the board itself (pic attached, I referred to their ELRS module pinout diagram for reference).

I tried connecting Tx signal pin to to the HM30’s PPM/SBUS/UART and GND to GND. Changed rc output / input on both tx / HM30 to sbus and ppm but still no luck.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hello, we have purchased the SIYI HM30 camera system. The problem is that we can’t log into the web UI because we need a password. All the default passwords do not work and if we are correct, there should be no password set after purchase. It is very important that we can access the interface. Among other things, we need to change the IP address of the ground station and we think this can be done via the web interface.
I hope someone can help us quickly.

@SIYI We need your help please.

I do not have BetaFPV LR3 Pro myself, but in general connecting HM30 via 2 wires to it’s PPM/S.BUS output and GND rails should work just fine. Do note although that half-duplex CRSF pin is NOT the correct pin (as used e.g. by ExpressLRS module in your picture).

See: Race FPV — Crossfire on the Frsky X-Lite especially following drawing and pins 2 (GND) and 5 (PPM/S.BUS):

The password is not for customers. If you do need help, please write to support and describe your requirement necessarily. Thanks.

Thank you for your quick reply. I will describe the problem in more detail.

Among other things, we have an HM30 Ground Station.
As already mentioned, the problem is that we have to change the IP address, among other things.

We have not found any settings on the device itself via the menu. We used an IP scanner and saw that the device has the fixed IPv4 address The device does not have DHCP activated because the subnet does not match ours. We scanned all ports of the device and saw that port 22 (SSH) and port 80 (HTTP domain) are open. Then we came across the login page of the device. Unfortunately, there is a password that we don’t know. We also updated the firmware but nothing changed.

So the question is:
How can we change the static IP address and is there a hidden settings menu and if so how do we get access to it?

Kind regards
Oliver Tews

@SIYI Hello, I wanted to know if i can use the lan ports of the devices to create a p2p network that i can use to ssh into the onboard computer on the drone (raspberry pi or nvidia orin) or send messages between the ground control station and the computer on the drone?

Yes, it’s completely possible to use HM30 for such purposes as it provides fully transparent IP bridge.

Good afternoon, can you please tell me on the SIYI HM30 module I can change the subnet from 144 to another?