30KM 1080p 60fps 150ms - SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Video Link Telemetry Radio System

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I found out what was the problem. I forgot to make a firmware with Mavlink telemetry.
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Hey guys,

I’m introducing myself to this channel to ask for help with assembling my drone.
I’m a young beginner in drones and I’m feeling lost.

I purchased a Siyi Hm30, but I’m having trouble plugging it in correctly. I have a lot of questions, and I’m motivated to learn and become as comfortable as you all are with the subject.

How do I connect the Siyi to my remote control?
How do I assemble all the components on the Pixhawk 6C so that my drone can fly?
Can I connect the Beitian BN-220 GPS to my Pixhawk FC, or do I need to change it (not compatible)?

Here’s my setup:

Quad: Holybro x500 v2
FC: Pixhawk 6C
Remote Control: TX16S
GPS: Beitian BN-220 GPS
Signal transmission: Siyi HM30.

Please help me !
I would be honored to learn. I’m eager to share with an expert !

What you are asking is not explainable quickly. You need to work into the topic. I suggest you start by reading the HM30 manual cover to cover first.

Here some rudimentary connectivity tips that should get at least the link going (for later, after you have first read at least the HM30 manual).
On the HM30 ground unit side you connect the HM30 ground unit RC port GND and S.BUS lines to your TX16S external module bay S.BUS/PPM pin and GND pin:

Best you flash your TX16S with latest release version of EdgeTX and then select External module as S.BUS in EdgeTX.

On the HM30 air unit (AU) side, you connect:

  • HM30 AU S.BUS port GND and S.BUS lines to your Pixhawk PPM/SBUS RC port.
  • HM30 AU Link port GND, TX and RX to your Pixhawk 6C telemetry port (only GND, TX and RX lines), pick any of the 3 TELEM ports. GND to GND, but TX to RX and RX to TX.

Woaww, thank you for your detailed response !! I will do what you told me, and then I will come back to you.
(I already looked at the manual, I refer to it quite regularly).

Can my GPS Beitian BN-220 be connected to my Pixhawk FC? Or do I need to buy a Pixhawk MN9-10 GPS?

And do I need to buy the “SiK Telemetry Radio V3” or not ? I don’t think so, since I have the HM30 AU with antena, right ?

You can use Beitian BN-220 with your Pixhawk 6C FC, but if you run ArduPilot or PX4 on that controller, you do want also a magnetic compass.

HM30 is already capable of transmitting MAVLink telemetry data, thus you do not need additional SiK or other telemetry radio.

Thank you for the information, I’ll get back to you later.
Thank you very much for your help

Hi guys i have a problem with my siyi hm30 I wanted to do a firmware update with the siyi assistant app but somehow my device is not displayed at the bottom left I see the green lame, but that’s it I have no technical problems and the device works fine, but the update doesn’t work somehow

here are my hm30 device information:
FirmareVer: 0.1.9
SkyFirmareVer: 0.0.0

Thanks in advance :grin:

Please write to support@siyi.biz and attach a video to let us the current status of your HM30 unit, thanks.

Hello Frank,

I have just solved the problem, the upload page was empty because the DatalinkMode was set to usb c when I set it to another mode, the information about my hm30 immediately appeared in the assistant app

I wanted to ask if the firmware package on your website is still up to date the manual has much higher versions in the firmware log than the ones in the zip file besides I don’t understand exactly why there are 4 files inside they are all a bit incomprehensible here is a picture


:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

There are multiple hardware versions of the air unit with differing microcontrollers on it (GigaDevice = GD, ST and N32). You need to pick correct air unit firmware for your air unit hardware. The first digit of the existing firmware will tell you what you have. 0 for ST, 3 for GD and 5 for N32.

For your HM30 unit, the website firmware is suitable. You only need to pay attention to the air unit firmware version and match the first number just as @Risto explained.

Hey, it’s me again.
I followed what you told me, but I can’t establish the connection…
Could there possibly be a specific wire missing ? If so, do you have a link where I can purchase it ?

And I wanted to ask you, is there a way to wirelessly connect my Tx16s to my Hm30 Ground Unit ?

Here are a few photos of my setup :

It works, I use this connections:

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In case you bind a S.BUS output capable receiver to your TX16S (e.g. ExpressLRS receivers, if your TX16S is with ELRS RF module), you can hook up the S.BUS output of that receiver to your HM30 ground unit S.BUS input instead of directly wiring up the radio to HM30 GU.

we are testing the hm30 and i have discovered a rare issue in udp (lan) telemetry.

With QgroundControl, telemetry works ok and video works ok. but…

with Mission Planner, telemetry works ONLY if makes connection first with qgroundcontrol.

if restart the system and first, try to connect with mission planner, the telemetry gets stuck and no connect.

someone have these issue?

This issue should have been solved/is solved in the FW by @SIYI some time ago if this is the heartbeat issue. Also other applications like UgCS are working well now.

Thank you.

I have very little equipment, do you have any advice regarding equipment to buy (link) so that my TX16s connects to the HM30 GU? (the easiest way to make the connection)

I’m trying to make the connection work but nothing happens. I only have one step left to go, establish the connection between my TX16S and the Hm30 GU. After this, I’ll be able to fly !

Thank you

You only need a wire harness. 5-pin DuPont female connector on one side and 4 pin JST GHR on the other side to hook up between TX16S micro JR bay and HM30 GU RC port.

Yes, I had this information from you, and it works. But it seems, @Clem1 didn’t understand my pics or didn’t look at it. At least, no answer from him. No idea, how to explain more clear that with a picture.