30KM 1080p 60fps 150ms - SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Video Link Telemetry Radio System

@SIYI Hi, I just noticed that there is Siyi HM30 SE available.
Could you please tell us what are the differences compared to original HM30?

Find on siyi web site https://siyi.biz/en/index.php?id=faq1&asd=191

MK32 is the major model. Working frequency is 5 GHz, of which the long range performance is optimized by massive field tests, hardware turning, and software work. The MK32 link is compatible with HM30 and MK15. MK32E is prepared for specific market in which only 2.4 GHz is allowed. The MK32E link is compatible with MK15E. The MK15E / MK32E link is not compatible with the MK15 / HM30 / MK32 link. The long range performance of MK15E / MK32E is no better than MK15 / HM30 / MK32.

HM30 SE ground unit does not come with the built-in WiFi module

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Hello! I had a question about a different kind of usage of the HM30. Instead of plugging a camera into the LAN port of the HM30 Air unit, is it possible to plug in a companion computer, like a Raspberry Pi, and then the Pi would be on the same network as a laptop connected to the LAN port of the HM30 Ground unit?

If this would be possible, Iā€™m interested in running ROS on both the Raspberry Pi and the laptop, and the HM30 would act as the Ethernet link between both computers.

And if this is possible, I imagine I would still be able to have Mavlink telemetry running parallel on the UART/USB ports?

Hi John,

No problem. HM30 has a fully tranparant TCP/IP connection. Even 2 if needed


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Thanks for the info!