30KM 1080p 60fps 150ms - SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Video Link Telemetry Radio System

My friend, Jesse.
If you refer to SIYI AliExpress, I run and manage it overall. I am very sure that I understand what was happening from the beginning. And I was taking care of your issue from the beginning. I must say that it cost me a lot time. And it looks like is going to cost me more time despite what effot I have done.

So, besides of posting a complaint without updating anything to me, would you mind telling us some progress of your refund from Paypal, please? I swear that I’ve done everything I can do for this matter.
If you think it helpful, I can release all the message record relevant to this issue.

Best regards,

This was handled in a very bad way. Contact with you frank, has been great but, that didnt help . Probably the aliexpress platform itself causing the issue. I do not know. The fact that i sent the parts back and did everything i was told to do and here we are 3 months later. I would suggest you, or aliexpress or siyi or whoever, please respond to paypal.

I really love the product but, wherever this problem is comeing from has frustrated me to no end.

I apologize for posting here i got mad yesterday when everything came to a standstill again.

While image processing, the image from the camera is lagging, how do I prevent this?

What camera is connected? And what software/application is used to display video stream?

As I explained last time, the process that AliExpress respond to Paypal takes up to 6 months. Do you indicate that there is way that we can talk to your Paypal manager?

Frank, its ok . Please dont waste anymore of your time on this issue. I dont have a paypal manager. I am sure they will again contact you. If they have not i am not sure now, how any of this works. I am leaving it with the claims department at paypal and we will see what happens. Please respond to them, how you have been responding to me and all will be ok. I as yourself want this over with . Thanks.

I used the camera that came with the HM30, I tried to process the image with the python opencv and mediapipe libraries. There was a delay.

Do you mean that you process the video stream directly instead of displaying it in any software or app?