30KM 1080p 60fps 150ms - SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Video Link Telemetry Radio System

We’ve tested it and it was totally fine to change baud rate.
Did you bind the system before switching baud rate? If it was correct procedure and it still does not switch, please send a video.

@SIYI Hi Frank! Recently got recording camera. How I can this camera settings throught WEB interface ? “Normal” camera can be accessed throught But recording camera doesn’t open settings by this address.

I have another problem. I can see the video and telemtry in the siyi app using wifi but when i try to use usb-c i can only get telemtry no video. When i use network tools i have no ping connection with camera or ground unit wich is odd since i have a telemtry.

I use this setup, it works with all functions.

QGC does not connect to Bluetooth telemetry. I can only get Video with wifi

Are you sure telemetry is OK? Like same baudrate.

In my QGC version i have no option to ser any baudrates. So wich will i chose?

Where is the telemetry coming from?

Telemetry is only in siyi fpv. On wifi nad usbc. But on usbc there is no Video.

This is correct. There is no video on USB-C

The manual states that USB-c is one of the Video downlink methods.

3.1.10 Video Output Mode
HM30 supports four ways to output video stream. Internal WiFi, USB WiFi, Type-C Port and LAN port.

I was told its not available. Still in development. Usb-c video that is. I was kinda hoping to use it myself …oh well