30KM 1080p 60fps 150ms - SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Video Link Telemetry Radio System

For a 20 bucks, I would not risk burning the internal WiFi. It’s getting hot when in use.

As I understand, you connect HM30 GU to a PC and then go out again via a LAN Adapter to a Tablet running QGroundControl with Video AND Telemetry?

Whats the reason for the PC?

You did not understand it … I do not use LAN Adapter or a Tablet …

Lan adapter on the image is the internal adapter of a PC i just draw it as a separate device

and the ground control diagram is the software inside the PC

Hi everyone, this working with navio2+RPi4?

Hi, I’ve just received my HM30 and bought a 23dBi 5.8ghz antenna for the antenna tracker.
The two antennas of the group unit work both in receiver and transmitter modes, can I use one directional antenna and one standard omni? they will interfere?
On the plane, I’ll continue to use both omni.

We only suggest both omni or both directional. The two antennas should have the same working pattern.

@SIYI Sorry for stupid question. So, AIR unit antennas work in dual mode ? I mean each antenna is receiver and transmitter at the same time ?

Yes, both antennas transmit and receive

“Yes, both antennas transmit and receive” In this case putting antennuator will decrease sensitivity of received signal, no ?

Anyone have any issues with the sbus/ppm stream? Does rth work and such? Can you fly through a bit of bad video withought it rth?
What im getting at is should i retire my dragonlink and drink the cool aid?

Never tested RTH activation on signal loss. But when I disable radio from ground station - RTH is activated as expected.

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Hi, I’m trying to read the data output of the uart port with an arduino, but I’m struggling.
If i set the data output to type c, to use a PC the necessary data for an AAT is streamed, for the manual.
This output is Mavlink or the aat uses a different protocol?

are the antennas rhcp or lhcp?

When the “Datalink Mode” is configured as Bluetooth, UDP, or Type-C, through the UART port on HM30 ground unit there will still be downloading data for antenna trackers. The antenna tracker baud rate can be changed according to your requirement.

According to the manual, when you are having dual-way Mavlink telemetry, you can still have an one-way downloading Mavlink data to AAT.

Maybe we can establish a cooperation (www.mmcuav.com)

Thanks for the answer, but i’m not able to read any mavlink data with Arduino, i have already done it directly from the FC, if i read the raw data i have a stream, but mavlink doesn’t identify any messages.
I took a screenshot at the raw data that i can read if it can help.

The HM30 system is literally a transparent link for Mavlink, TCP, RTSP, and all possible protocols. If you are not receiving correct data on the other side, the first thing to check should be baud rate.

Hello. I am connect the H30 Ground unit and Ari Unit.
The Ground unit recived data by PPM from FlySky FS-i6 pult.
But PWM1 - PWM5 on the Air unit dont give signalі for servo control.
Video from the camra connected to Ari Unit is Ok - I recived by Bluetooth on smartphone.
I don’t found any documantation about that.
Could you help?