30KM 1080p 60fps 150ms - SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Video Link Telemetry Radio System

Do you guys have the pinout for the dual hub camera splitter?

It is the same pinout with HM30 air unit Ethernet port.

Did you used stock antennas for that 30km long range mission ?

Is this actually hd or do i need to order all the hd connectors to make it so? I am basically asking if i need anything but the basic package to enjoy hd video? I am very confused as i ordered the basic kit and all the hd connectors cost more and are not included?

Also people are asking about terrible reception even close in. The replies are usually dont use this at the same time you use that wifi kills range and similar situations. I will be a little miffed if i have to pay 150 bucks for the lan to hd convertor because the wifi causes range to be useless…Please show me a setup where wifi is being used to transmit hd to a tablet …the version of tablet and the range expected from that setup.

Do you mean LAN to USB Adapter? Far away of your Price and works great when WiFi of the tablet is disabled. Who knows what your tablet is producing of distortions.
I use this: https://www.digitec.ch/de/s1/product/lenovo-usb-30-zu-ethernet-lan-18-cm-data-video-adapter-2470870?supplier=406802

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Did a few weeks ago a range test, 7km.
Hm30 internal WiFi with tablet and Siyi IP camera.
No problem and no latency on video and MAVlink (+command and cotrol). With omni directional antennas

All cables included in the combos

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You guys rock! Thanks for the quick reply!..

I will order this immediately…

Actually my computer has a lan input on it…im gonna try cat 5 direct and see whats up!

What altitude to make that 7km?

Ground level. Slightly elevated in a moutain. Besides a range test it it was a antenna and system like the internal WiFi test

Sweet, thanks. So FPV level under say 400ft / 120meters?
my mini crossbow is out for delivery and I ordered it about the same time the replacement ground unit shipped. Should be playing soon. Ready to join the fun.
I live in Texas and the land is flat as a table with a few trees and a building or two to contend with. We call ant hills mountains around here.

Yes, for sure under the 120m
As for the AAT, on the 7km, we swapped the GU antennas and decided to stay with the omni directional.
Lived for years in Beaumont, so I know what you mean :slight_smile:

As for reference, I did today a latency test on the HM30 with a HDMI camera on the Air Unit (HDMI->IP converter) and I came to 126ms!
I had a digital clock with ms on my screen and camera recording the screen with Qgroundcontrol and made a screen capture (see picture)
Time on the picture 11:53:15:367 and clock 11:53:15:493 so it took 126ms to transmit the video to Qgroundcontrol.
The Ground Unit was connected via LAN to my desktop

Hello is it possible to forward Telemetry and Video true WIfi? With the LAN connection, it works great. I can send both data to QGC. Can I do the same thing with Wifi connection?.

What do you mean Video AND Telemetry through LAN?
Do you mean the OSD in the Video or all Telemetry Data from Ardupilot?
A picture would help.

I hope it will help you understand my question, telemetry and Video feed all over WIFI, LAN works great,

It’s a RTSP and UDP connection, should work but I would do it with an external WiFi module

That was my secondary option to use an external WIFI module. But is it possible to do it with the internal Wifi of the ground unit?