30KM 1080p 60fps 150ms - SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Video Link Telemetry Radio System

also I got video but I don’t have telemetry. I verified the cable, i verified the baud rate, still nothing. Do u need to bind in order for the telem to work? I got 0 values on tx on “datalink info” tab

TX/RX not confused from FC?

ts is going to rx and rx goes to tx as any datalink. still no telem (we are 2 eng that verified). i got blue signal but the tx doesn’t show any mavlink info on that display. We used the cable from the kit, we have cuav v5+ And the telem is plug in telem 2 where the dragonlink was before

What is your Samsung tablet model and what is the Android version?

For CUAV flight controller, please use TELEM 1 to connect HM30 and make sure baud rate matches.

what Samsung tablet and android os(i updated with the latest one and still nothing) does it work with?

why can’t i use telem 2? baud rate is the same

yes, you can
please make sure baud rates are the same

if datalink still does not connect, please show us a video if your full wiring and connection diagram, we check in detail step by step

samsung galaxy s5e ,android version 11, one ui ver 3.1 (basically lateste update). so why isn’t it working?

Ip addreess change Instruction file is of type .fm what is that, framemaker? Or is it a firmware file? If possible please post a pdf… :slight_smile:

so I had the telem working on telem 1 although I can’t understand why can’t i use telem 2 with same parameters.

Now I have sbus issues, I have 0 sbus movement. Do I need to configure the airunit for sbus? I plug in the old radio i have sbus, plug in the hm30, 0 sbus. also it looks like the sbus is only half of signal during measurements on the oscilloscope.tbh it looks inverted or having a short circuit somewhere

I already asked this, without answer.

@SIYI Is there a way to reduce Ground Unit RF power?

Sorry, I sent a wrong link. That link is for updating HM30 ground unit HDMI. @malman @lorbass

Here is the correct link:

What will be your purpose to reduce RF power?

We want to add a bidirectional power amplifier to the ground unit, to achieve more stable signal.
PA has 20dBm a maximum input level.
So, the option to reduce power, for example - through the web interface may helps us here.

I join the question of Winney. I also think that the power of the HM30 transmitters is too low to confidently reach 40 kilometers. And I plan to put an amplifier for the air unit and I also need to reduce the power to 20 dBm

if the siyi dont have any option to adjust power.
try putting antennuator between siyi an antenna.

let me know. if it work.

@SIYI, Hi Frank,

A running system, video with Easy Player on a Laptop connected via the LAN port.
If you remove the LAN cable and re-insert it again , it takes a long time (~10 minutes) before the video is back again.
This is a DHCP time-out issue on the GU. It takes a while before you get an active LAN port back.
Checked with ipconfig on Windows

Any reason or solution?


@winney @TrueMuMa @jack_john
Sorry, there is no standard firmware to lower power to 20 dBm or less.
I’ll share immediately if there is one.

Thanks for your feedback.

We are hurrying with tests trying to repeat this issue on our side. Will update asap.