Zubax UAVCAN 3.6.6 Bad GPS Signal Health

I just updated to 3.6.6 and i started getting Bad GPS Signal Health.

Both receivers have 21 sats and hdop is 0,6 on both.

I have blend configured. If i deselect blend it stops doing it but as soon as i select, use best or blend it restarts.

Only way to not have the error showing is to disable auto_switch.

With auto_switch disabled the system works with one receiver or the other without probs, so it is not hardware related.

I noticed in the messages the system doesn’t write “GPSx specified as UAVCAN”

Would really like to try going back to a previous release but i can’t find it trough MP

An update on my investigation. It looks like whenever i change serial 3 settings from the usual 5 38 to something else it starts to give health error. I use uavcan so i tried to use serial 3 for another sensor and that is where i got the message.
Once i put serial 3 back to default error goes away even if i don’t connect gps to it as i use only uavcan.

Not exactly sure what you are doing but

  1. You know that you can not use 2 UAVCAN GPS, right?
  2. You can’t use blend or switch with just one GPS?

I am using 2 uavcan gps, why i can’t? Maybe i missed something.

I have also used dual Zubax with no problems

Steri, did you come up with a solution to the long boot time for the Zubax compass prior to a firmware update from Pavel?

I am not sure what bug you are referring to.

It looks like there is a bug when using blend and NOT using serial GPS that generates bad gps health mesages:


Sorry Steri, I got you mixed up with another Chap on the Zubax forum that was having the same issue as we are having.