Zubax second ext compass

If anybody is interested in having the second UAVCAN ext compass be picked up from the system i tried disabling all drivers except for UAVCAN and now only the 2 ext uavcan compasses are picked up and looks like they are working nicely.
All internals are now disabled on my system.

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I’ve not had any luck getting the compass on my Zubax GNSS to initialize in time. What firmware are you on?
@rbachtell have you had any luck with this method?

What kind of error do you get?

Have to check on the unit but the method indicated previously was used successfully on a newly acquired unit directly from Zubax so i guess is latest firmware.

Actually all i had to do was set the node id and the refresh at 5Hz for the gps, nothing else.

I disabled all drivers except for UAVCAN and everything works nicely. It even calibrated at first attempt with green offsets on both compasses.

Corrrado, Why don’t you go ahead and explain exactly what you did to disable the drivers. Good documentation trail for others.

Hello, it is rather easy, go to full parameter list and under compass look for COMPASS_TYPEMASK, if you click on the number a little window will popup with all the drivers. Check all the ones you DON’T want to load.

In my case i checked all of them except for UAVCAN, as a result now everything works and i do not have internal compasses picked up anymore and my uavcan compasses are 1st and 2nd now.

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So to be clear you are running dual zubax gnss?

Yes, i tought was clear already :slight_smile:

Make sure you check them as external when configuring them (compasses i mean)

I can confirm that getting rid of the extra drivers does have an affect.