ZED F9P & Ublox M9P

Can anyone tell me the difference between ZED F9P GPS and Ublox M9P GPS?
If possible, tell me about the difference in performance between RTK GPS without base and regular GPS

So, the M9P is not an actual GPS. Do you mean the M9N? Or M8P?

The F9P and both those GPS are all made by Ublox.

Here’s the datasheet for the F9P.
You’ll find this table
showing the best horizontal and vertical position accuracy using different combinations of constellations. Row “PVT” is without RKT base, and row “RTK” is with RTK base.

Keep in mind that in RTK mode, the absolute accuracy of 1cm is only obtained after the RTK base has done a survey-in of at least 24 hours. But you can achieve a relative accuracy of 1 cm instantly.

You’ll find similar tables for the M9N or M8P on the Ublox website.

I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I’m talking about M9N
Thanks for reply

I don’t think the M9N supports RTK

The M9N is not an RTK module.

Typically, uBlox suffixes RTK capable models with a P (for precision), and non-RTK modules with an N (for non-precision).

For non-RTK use, the two modules will likely perform similarly, though the F9P is technically superior. It would take a well tuned antenna to realize the advantages of one over the other in a non-RTK application.