ZED F9P Failing Configuration Checks

Hello there I have a ZED F9P based GPS module hooked up to my cube on the GPS 1 port as well as tried on the GPS 2 Port, I am using the GPS only for Navigation purposes not yet for RTK, I have left the configuration in Arducopter pretty much Auto, GPS_GNSS_MODE = 0, GPS_Type = 1, Serial 3 protocol = 5 and Baud rate was set after checking with U-center for the receiver module to be at 38400 (38).

I have 3D fix with Sat count of 29, however whenever i try to arm in loiter i have the Failing config error. Does ardupilot have issues with Ublox-F9P?

Congiguration_Octa.param (14.5 KB)

My F9P module is based on the Drotek’s New ZED F9P module with their Tallysman TW7972 Antenna:

Drotek Zed F9P

My U-blox Config:

GNSS Config File:
F9P_CFG_ROVER.txt (6.2 KB)

seach this forum for f9p config. someone already posted a working configuration.

I was looking into this too and searched the forum but couldn’t find a solution.

I’ve just bought a drotek zed f9p module and plugged it into gps2 and it worked instantly. I now get an rtk fix in seconds, something the here+ was never able to do.

Other than getting the baud rate right I’ve had to change nothing else to get it working.

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Here+ and F9P are very very different, no wonder they have different performances. Here+ is based on ublox 8 tech and is single frequency, F9P is multifrequency. That said you are probably using the Drotek antenna (Tallysman TW7972) that is miles ahead of the antenna that comes standard with here+.

The only other F9P config file i could find in this forum was posted by myself in a post, complaining about the same issue.

Hey Tegwin, are you running it with Arming check enabled for GPS Configuration? The baud was set by checking on the U-center Message configuration for UART 1?

Does the DroTek F9P include a compass or do you have add an external compass? (I didn’t see anything in the documentation describing the compass so I’m assuming that the compass is not included.)

There’s I2C pins on the connector and a little black square chip outside the module shielding :wink: