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Is there a plan for a Mow Fest next year?

Thank you for your answer! There are wonderful experts gathered here, and a lot of interesting material that’s scarce online. If I encounter difficulties, I’ll gladly reach out to the community.

Is there any way to find out how the beta testing of the new navigation system in the latest flight controller firmware (version 4.4) for the rover is working on the mowers? Can we expect the accuracy and straight lines for mowing that we have with the existing firmware. If this is posted in another information thread somewhere just let me know.

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No better way to find out than by testing yourself. There were extremely recent changes that are likely very positive. I have not had a chance to test yet on my own hardware.

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Yep. If there is enough interest we’ll have one in early spring 2024. Will post details once the date is set!

Thanks for the update @Swebre2023.
Just very interested in what you guys get up to.

I’m working on a mower platform here in the UK so follow you guys avidly!
Just hope you get enough interest to do another one.

Notice of MowFest24 to be posted shortly!

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@Swebre2023 has has ask us to get the word out there about MowStock 2024 in Louisiana coming up soon. It is a great event and a good place to see mowers built by many builders and to share experiences.

Many thanks to Steve Webre for hosting this big event!

DATE CORRECTION! MOWSTOCK 2024 - March 15-17, Church point, LA)-,Rover/Mower/Drone%20Folks!,best%20practices%20and%20share%20experiences%20with%20putting%20these%20autonomous%20contraptions%20together.,-We%20will%20have


I know I’m responding to a really old comment, but I read this thread about your build and am wondering what kind of distance sensors you are using. I searched all over trying to find out what was superior, and the only real tidbit I got was that sonar was superior to laser on mowers due to the dusty environment.