Yaw from dual GPS and IMU in dataflash log

If I understand correctly, in order to calculate the correct heading, ardurover uses a EKF instance for each IMU installed on the pixhawk, so, in total 3 EKF instances for the IMUs and another EKF for the GPS yaw calculated by using the coordinates coming from the two GPS modules mounted on the rover.
Then, all the EKF instances are filtered to output the final yaw.

If this is correct, is it possible to find the yaw values from the GPS modules and also the YAW values for each IMU in the dataflash log?
In particular, it would be interesting for me to find the yaw calculated from the two GPS in the log file.

Thank you!

Hi @marcusbarnet,

You’re right about there being an EKF instance for each IMU but the GPS-for-yaw calculations don’t require an EKF of their own. I think the GPS-for-yaw (aka “moving baseline”) are done within the AP_GPS library and the results should be visible in the GPS onboard log message.