Yaw delay on Pixhawk PX4

Hi everyone, I just finished building my tarot x6 and I have a big delay on the response of the yaw, but there’s no delay on pitch and roll.

Any idea of how to fix it?
The setup is:
-Tarot X6 frame
-DJI E1200 motors
-DJI 640s ESC’s
-17’’ folding dji prop
-Multistar 12A battery

same issue here, have you found solution for that except restoring everything to default values?)

Yaw authority is usually an order of magnitude smaller than roll or pitch authority. That is normal and to be expected.

To improve it, you need to tune the copter according to the instructions, without skipping any step.

If you skip a step, do not wonder yourself if the result is not great!

hello, I have a setup similar to yours, I use the taro hex frame and motors and esc dji e1200, and I have the same problem, did you solve it?

Providing a .bin log of a flight with the issue you describe is the best way for us to suggest fixes.

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