Yaw Creep - 3DR Solo

Team - I’m having a small yaw issue - regardless of conditions, the Solo has a slow yaw to the right. This is occuring with an essentially new Solo that is upgraded as follows:

  • OpenSolo 4
    -Cube Green-Solo running 4.0.1
    -M8N GPS
    No gimbal installed. Before the upgrade, with just OpenSolo 4 running on the original Cube, there was no yaw creep.
    I have a 2nd, box stock Solo on the original OpenSolo 4 upgrade and stock Cube, no issues.
    All setup was done.
    Any clues appreciated! .bin attached
    43.BIN - Google Drive

I believe the RC calibration is not quite right.
Going on the Yaw input minimum and maximum values, the centre position (Trim) should be 1496, but in parameters the Trim is 1530.
And the actual Yaw at-rest input from the transmitter/receiver is 1500pwm.

So three opposing things there. The actual input (1500) is right on the borderline of the calibrated/saved trim of 1530 minus the deadzone value of 30.
This would explain why the copter is yawing.

I would redo the RC calibration first, then see what values you have for everything.
The saved RC4_TRIM value should be almost exactly the same as the yaw-at-rest stick input value after you’ve wiggled it around a few times and let it return to center.
Stay on that MissionPlanner RC Calibration screen until you’ve resolved this :slight_smile:

Shawn, TU, I’m on it tomorrow a.m. Thanks again! Makes sense.

And update to ArduCopter 4.4.2 it contains many solo improvements

I’m surprised that it took this long for you to weigh in regarding the version…I tried to go there this morning, after getting Cube Green setup - but although it installed I couldn’t get a Sololink connection established. When backtracking thru earlier (very recent) releases I had the same issue, consequently went dated. I do want to upgrade and will find out why the latest is fighting me. Thanks! I’m sure it’s operator error.

However, the yaw issue is resolved. I must have twitched the stick - I’m still not 100% used to the DJI center throttle/yaw stick setup.

Thank-you all!