Yaapu telemetry repeat initialization

When using a Crossfire module for telemetry and the latest Yaapu script (1.9.6) on a TX16S running EdgeTX 2.7.0, the Yaapu script constantly initializes and throws audible warnings due to this. I do not see official support for the TX16S running EdgeTX listed anywhere so it’s possible that it’s just not vetted yet but I want to bring this up because of how popular this combination may be.

I do not recall this issue presenting on a TX16S running OpenTX with a RFD900X system as a control link. I know the Crossfire telemetry link (mavlink over wifi is so slow it’s almost useless) can be finicky so I’m wondering if this is another case of having to work around that.

There have been many posts about this. There is a Lua script conflict between EdgeTx and Yaapu and perhaps other scripts. It’s an EdgeTx problem that has been brought to their attention on every platform (here, Discord and RCG) and AFAIK they have not even acknowledged it.

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Thanks, Dave. I will bug them about this in hopes that enough people mentioning it will lead to some attention.

The EdgeTX team directed me to this post as a workaround. Hopefully this helps someone else in the future as I had difficulty finding this workaround via searches.