X8R in SBUS: Can I run auto mission plugged into receiver or

I was trying to get a servo to work on AUX 2 (channel 10) for auto missions but am not sure I need to. Followed old video for pass through with no luck. Do I need a pass through or will PH recognize channel 10 on X8R receiver? (bind in 16)

If you want control on Aux 2 (channel 10) from RC channel 10 then just set SERVO10_FUNCTION to passthough (1). Or you can control that output from any input channel simply by setting the correct value for SERVO10_FUNCTION. The options are listed in Mission Planner in the Full Parameter list.

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I think you are asking that if you bypass the Pixhawk and run your channel 10 servo direct from the X8R the answer is no, Pixhawk doesn’t know anything about it. You can control your servo from your transmitter yes but Pixawk will not be able to control the servo.

As Dave says you can use Servox_function. If you want the long explanation:

And note when you are testing things connected to the Aux ports on Pixhawk they are not active unless the safety button is enabled. Mostly.

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I am sending a signal to an arduino unit that will run a small motor and may not be on the list. Can the PWM values be controlled in a mission parameter?

OK, it’s working. Had to push button. I see the params below the SERVO_FUNC. You guys are excellent! Thank you!

Great! And yes you can use a Do_Set_Servo command in a Mission configuration to send a PWM value to an output channel.

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The Servo Command ends at the next waypoint or do you have an Off command?

No. It will remain at the PWM value until given another DO_SET_SERVO command. Also check out Do_REPEAT_SERVO command. It will cycle between 1500us and whatever you program with configurable delay and number of cycles.