Hello everyone

Recently I was testing my VTOL X8 skywalker with Qautotune. While testing, the battery hit low voltage. Unfortunately, there was not enough power left to do the test. So I changed the mode from QAUTOTUNE TO Qstabilize and decided to land, but in the middle of testing the plane decided it would climb away, instead of landing like 2 feet off the ground. I thought this was fixed? why does this happen? Apparently it was not recording any data so i don’t have logs. But i feel like this should not be a thing. why does it not land? why does it want to climb out???

The low voltage caused a RTL. The first thing that RTL does is climbing.
Fix your SDcard logging before doing any other flights.

okay but wont you agree that if i have low voltage it should instead land? what if i am 30 miles out? is it gonna try to go back home? why not just land?

also i do have the logs, they are too big to upload.

You can configure it to land instead of doing RTL.
Have you done that?

Use wetransfer.com to post the .bin log file

Yep i am an idiot I just saw this [BATT_FS_LOW_ACT] and fixed it. ahahhaah. but thank you for pointing out wettransfer.com. I lost VTOL arm but that’s okay I can fix it. Also what would you recommend vtol transfer from FW to vtol options the best?