Wrong ESC telemetry data on CAN node with defect ESC


As written in another post (https://discuss.ardupilot.org/t/problems-wit-holybro-tekko32-f4-45a-esc-blheli32/103128 we have a BLHeli32 ESC that for some reason does not return Telemetry messages.
We use Dshot (WITHOUT bidrectional) with two ESCs on one Matek Cannode L431 (the small one).
Both ESC get the commanded signal fine. (I think that i configured the Cannode correctly.)

Only the back ESC returns Telemetry messages. (According to Oscilloscope measurements)

Mavlink, Missionplanner and Can Inspector all show that the messages from the back ESC are recorded for both ESC.
Therefore it looks like both send telemetry, but you can see that they are the same values (only matching the back motor).

Can this be adressed that it does not forward telemetry from the wrong esc in case of a malfunction? I imagine this is almost impossible to detect with an intermittend defect or many more escs. Do i have a wrong setting in the cannode that triggers this?

Thanks a lot!

  • Christian

param_node51_can_esc_x15.param (1.3 KB)

In the other thread i got a good answer pointing me at least partly in the right direction.

It is not a bug in ardupilot. I had to turn off “Auto telemetry”.
Basically the esc always sends telemetry without request.
Thats also why the data came in for both ESCs.

Now i just have to solve why there is no telemetry comming from the front esc…

i tested another esc and everything worked perfectly.

I ordered some t-motor blheli32 esc now.