Wrong distance waypoint in auto mode

i have problem with the my flying wing
i’m using

  • pixhawk ori 3dr with ublox gps ori 3dr
  • motor emax gt 2826/05
  • esc 80 amp
  • battery 5200 4s multistar
  • prop 12x6
  • arduplane 3.1.3

i have the autotune and get the good tune for this wing
in FWBA mode this wing can fly stable and good.

but the problem is when i switch into auto mode with survey waypoint , the wing not give a correct heading and also the “distance waypoint” in HUD not correct

please give me some idea to solve it.
its a gps wrong or what ??

the log i attach above
2016-10-09 17-39-54.tlog (2.6 MB)

sorry with my english

That is a very old version, several years old. I suggest trying again using the latest v3.7.0 release.