Wrong consumed mah

I recently changed my distribution board and installed a spektreworx kore. Everything works as expected except for the consumed mah.
I set the correct battery monitor data as in instruction, instantaneous amp and voltage are very precise, after a flight i multiplied time vs average amp and the result is exactly what the charger put back, but the consumed mah on MP are lower by about 40%.
Can’t really understand how the math can be wrong since average instant amp and time are correct. It looks like the consumed mah is somehow broken.
I am using 3.6.11 and before installation of the spektreworx board everything was working fine.
Is it MP that does the consumed mah calculations or arducopter? In case it is MP i’ll try updating.


Did you set the sensor offset correctly ?

It’s BAT_AMP_OFFSET, and with Kore, you should apply LiPo power to the exit pin from the Hall sensor and check the value in Battery Monitor.

The realtime Amp and voltage are correct, so all parameters should be ok. The used mah are off, it looks like a math error from maybe MP.


mAh consumed is computed and recorded onboard the FC