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Writing mission with high precision waypoints using mavproxy

I am not sure if this is an ArduCopter, mavlink or mavproxy issue.
I am using mavproxy to load a mission to ArduCopter (tried 3.6.7 -3.6.10).
My waypoints are of high precision (cm accuracy, so 7 about decimal places). When the waypoints are loaded, the mavlink messages displayed on the console are correct. However, when I read the waypoints using wp list, the waypoints are only correct to the first 4 decimal places.
I would think this is because the mavlink message fields for lat and long are float32 (and I require double precision) yet, when loading the same mission from mission planner, the waypoints are loaded correctly.
Any ideas?


Could you post some screenshots or console output?

btw, I see was mistaken before - it’s the sixth decmal place that is wrong:
The waypoint file:

wp load:

wp list:

It looks like it must be some float to double conversion that is botched up somehwere, but where?

Mission planner uses mission_item_int. I guess mavproxy does not.

That’s correct. It’s also going to change :slight_smile:

Any estimate as to when this will change?

Any update on this? Just just discovered this issue myself. We have no chance of achieving the accuracy we after with this issue affecting waypoint upload. The error can be in the order of half a meter or so. We will have to look at implementung some alternative upload mechanism…

master mavproxy should be fixed.

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