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Writing mission with high precision waypoints using mavproxy

(Daniel Hurowitz) #1

I am not sure if this is an ArduCopter, mavlink or mavproxy issue.
I am using mavproxy to load a mission to ArduCopter (tried 3.6.7 -3.6.10).
My waypoints are of high precision (cm accuracy, so 7 about decimal places). When the waypoints are loaded, the mavlink messages displayed on the console are correct. However, when I read the waypoints using wp list, the waypoints are only correct to the first 4 decimal places.
I would think this is because the mavlink message fields for lat and long are float32 (and I require double precision) yet, when loading the same mission from mission planner, the waypoints are loaded correctly.
Any ideas?


(Stephen) #2

Could you post some screenshots or console output?

(Daniel Hurowitz) #3

btw, I see was mistaken before - it’s the sixth decmal place that is wrong:
The waypoint file:

wp load:

wp list:

It looks like it must be some float to double conversion that is botched up somehwere, but where?

(Daniel Hurowitz) #4

Mission planner uses mission_item_int. I guess mavproxy does not.

(peterbarker) #5

That’s correct. It’s also going to change :slight_smile:

(Daniel Hurowitz) #6

Any estimate as to when this will change?