Wraith32 ESC and Pixhawk - Motors 1&4 dont spin 2&4 do

This is a fresh build and had everything working last night. I got hung up a little before finding one of the escs was on older firmware, so after syncing and updates, I was successful at hovering last night. It was almost midnight so I put everything away for the morning. Today I go out to attempt another flight and autotune, and now only motors 2 and 4 spin. Motors 1 and 3 dont spin nor do they chirp as usual. I checked and they are getting power and continuity is good from the esc to the pix. Swapping motor 1 to motor 2 yields no response. I can however plug 2 into 1 and get the usual tones. Blheli32 suite only registers motors 2&3. Can 2 secs just go out like that?

Check out your servo_function(s) in your params. I had a similar thing going on where 4 of them needed to be routed as motors for it to work. Otherwise I got half my motors only.

Yes I made servo9,10,11 and 12 to 33,34,35,36

I got that as well, after playing around with BlHeli options and masks. Only two motors spin.

Didn’t have the patience to revisit each parameter. I loaded plane, then copter again for a clean slate.

I just did this and its acting like they arent even there. Oh well, I suppose ill get these swapped out and hopefully get this thing flying. :slight_smile: