Wobbling of drone during RTL command in the automode


This is Bharath. We are working with Pixhawk 2.1 from 2 months and facing few issues.

Drone specifications:

  1. Tarot Frame 960mm
    2)T motors 280kv
    3)T motor esc 60A
    4)T motor 22 inch propeller
    5)Tattu battery 6S 22000mah
    6)Horus x 10s transmitter
    No payload

We are facing issues in autonomous mode survey grid especially in RTL MODE triggered after final way point.
In RTL mode the drone losses its control and wobbles like hell.It comes to control only when we change to manual mode and giving the throttle input from transmitter.

In ardupilot docs it is mentioned that RTL works on barometric sensor.Even after auto tuning RTL is not working as expected compared to other manual modes.Expecting barometric sensor problem but its just a operational prediction after the failure of RTL in the auto mode.

log file:

Very strange.I do have similar setup running Arducopter 3.6.5 and ChiBios without a glitch in any mode.

  • Custom frame 980 mm
  • motors Multistar Elite 5008 (8 of them as octo quad)
  • Xrotor ESC 50A
  • 18 x 5.5 propellers
  • 6S 16A for motors
  • 2S 3.3A and custom 5V linear voltage regulator for electronics (Rx, pixhawk, Neo M8N GPS, rfdesign telemetry etc)
  • FrSky 16 channels.
  • pixhawk 2.4.8 flight controller mounted on a platform with rubber vibration attenuation.

Perhaps look at your vibrations, power supply noise, mag values, disable internal compass…
Barometric sensor is used to control the altitude so I don’t see this as a main culprit.

Good luck.


Need a log to investigate the problem.


Thanks for your response.

Hope log file helps in better understanding our problem.


Thanks for your response.

Posted google link with log file.