Wobble on sudden movements

I am thinking of such a rig. However, my thought was a system that can move in all axes and can be connected under the drone. It was good to see this video, thank you very much.

I found this slightly dated post on updating the Navio2. I think it should still be relevant, and you could simply replace any reference to ArduPlane with ArduCopter.

RpiBoot + Navio2 - Navio / Edge / Raspbian - Emlid Community Forum

Thank you very much for your help. I will look into it.

Let me know if you need pid for this drone from 0-20kg payload


I am interested in comparing pids for large, heavy load copters. I am working on a fire extinguisher drone ATM and I am still scared to start auto tuning :smiley:

Then I would suggest that you create a new thread post with the questions you have. This “wobble on sudden movements” thread has been worked over.