Wobble during descent with rpi vision-based precision landing

Hey guys im having a really hard time figuring this problem out and hopefully someone could help.

Im running a precison landing single aruco script. Everything goes good, the drone takes off into the air 12 meters, it finds the aruco makes its way above it then lands right on it.

The problem i am having and been trying to fix it for a week is the drone finds the aruco and hovers above it like it should.

The moment it starts to decend my drone wobbles really bad until it reaches about half way down(5 meters) then the wobbling stops and lands great.

Im not sure if its a problem with the script, or its a drone problem. If someone could take a quick look at my log.

If i fly my drone manually in the air to 12 meters and land it manually it desends with no wobble.

hey, did you figure out the problem?

This sounds like a tuning problem, have you tuned the vehicle? flying with stock PID will result in an unstable vehicle.