Wobble during Descent. RTL, Alt Hold or Stabilise

I recently built my first F450 quad equipped with 30A esc, 2212 1000kV Motors and 1045 props. With a 5000mAh battery it weigh about 1.3kg.

I started to fly it with default PID and it flys OK because the angle of pitch and roll is too aggressive for me. Thus, I ran AutoTune followed by autotrim. Then it flys good and I’m comfortable to fly far and high (within LOS). There’s only 1 issue which whenever I wanted to land it wobbles. I had crashed a lot pairs of props. My friend asked me to lower the I value for Roll and pitch but still don’t do the job. Now I had reset everything to default again and hope someone will help me to get my first drone flies like a dream.

What should I do next? Manual tune it or auto tune it?

You should do autotrim and then autotune.
however, i have nearly the same setup and the same problem. I have started to try to do the manual tune and have also noticed that it gets more difficult to remain stable with a lower powered battery.

Can you post your PID values?

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Is it an all around rotation motor to motor “wobble” or an “oscillation” between across the axis motors
IE motors 1 & 2 or 3 & 4?

If it is the wobble, you are “toiletbowling” and need to come down slower or at an angle.
If it is the oscillation, your PIDSs are off. Record your current PIDs and perform AutoTune again.
Take the new AutoTune readings and compare with the previous - take the average of the two and enter those PID values. Take it up again to test.
I have heard people AutoTuning up to 6 times before smoothing things out.

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I had reset the board and I did not keep the screenshot… sorry… what did you adjust in PID?
I will post it when I do the AutoTune again if the wobbling still there during descent…

Thanks for the reply… I didn’t really observe the oscillation… but if the wobble during descent I think it is VRS… any idea how to smooth it out? I had try landing it more slowly and works… but when RTL is triggered I couldn’t take control and need to switch it off and land by myself…
I will try several times and find the average as you said… never thought of this way before…

Look for the WPNAV_SPEED_DN parameter and take away from that.
Try 100cm/s
That will double the speed of the final stage of landing.
If you are already set at 100cm/s, try 75 - but that would indicate something else is going on.
I have mine set to 175cm/s with just a touch of VRS.

As far as setting the PIDs, do that AutoTune with the PIDS at default.
Once the AutoTune is finished, record the PIDs.
Run AutoTune again and record those PIDS.
Take the average of the two and set the PIDS manually.
Change just the top number of the 3 columns and the P I D values too.

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Thanks for the help! I will try it by tomorrow and update you here!

Sorry for the late update… didn’t fly for past two days due to my work…
Just done tuning with the method you suggested… it flies a lot better than before… and while landing with default setting is almost perfect this time… just a little bit shaky because of VRS… the quad handle it pretty well…
Besides, how do I lower then pitch and roll angle? Can you guide me before I do something wrong again?
When I go full on pitch/roll with a sudden stop, the quads stable it back then it wobble… maybe I can lower the angles or lower then sensitivity of the control?
Thanks for helping me. Appreciate it a lot! :smile::smile: