With optical flow, without GPS, can I switch to guided mode?

Please let me ask basic questions!

Can I turn my quad with optical flow into guided mode indoors?

I have read this document.

I finally want to enter the target position or target velocity in the guide mode to my quad and let it fly indoors.

If I enter optical flow into EKF, I guess my quad will accept velocity targets in guided mode.

Is there only GUIDED_NOGPS mode to make my quad fly without GPS?

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

Yes you can use guided mode BUT OF being a velocity estimator it is subject to drift and inaccuracy.

Thank you for your quick reply!

I immediately entered only optical flow into EKF 2.

Certainly velocity (VX, VY VZ) of my quad is presumed.
I lifted my quad and confirmed it!

However, the position estimate was still 0.
Integrate Velocity to get Position.
I estimate that position estimation is not performed because the velocity data obtained by optical flow is inaccurate than the velocity data obtained by GPS.

I want to ask now because I am not in an environment that can let my quad fly.

Is it possible to input the target velocity using “SET_POSITION_TARGET_LOCAL_NED” in order to move my quad in GUIDED mode?

Since I found this document, I would like to try it.


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You can right click on the Map on Mission planner and set home == Set EKF Home
The vehicle should appear on the map and if you ZOOM full you can validate dispjacement by moving Quadcopter around holding it in your hand

Thank you for your wonderful information!

I will set the origin of EKF to my quad.

Do I have to set the origin of EKF from Mission Planner before flying?

I only have a way to connect my PC and Pixhawk with a USB cable.

I should have purchased Telemetry Radio.

is the velocity (vx, vy, vz) obtained NED or FRD? if you are using OF