Wiring Batteries in Series

Hello, The system I am designing requires 10s (37v) or 12s (44.4v) with 20,000mAh. The problem I am having is fitting the two 12s 10,000mAh into my design. So I am wondering can I wire 4 x 6s (22.2v) - 5000mAh batteries together to create 44.4v (12s) , 20,000mAh?

If I wired two pairs in Series that would give two banks of 44.4v 5000mAh. Then if I wired those two banks together in Parallel that would give me 44.4v 10,000mAh.

So that is not possible, to achieve 44.4v - 20,000mAh I would need 8 x 6s (22.2v) 5000mAh batteries? I would need to wire up 4 pairs in Series and then those 4 pairs wired in Parallel.

Do I have this correct?


Yes you are correct - 8 batteries will be needed.

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Thanks for confirming Manav

Thinking of trying this as well, could you advise if this worked or if it caused any issues?