Wind sensor on boat to guide Copter using mavlink

Hi !

I am operating a Copter on a boat. To do this I have a pixhawk on my boat with ardurover on it. This way I can use mavproxy and set follow mode which is very usefull in my use cases.

Now I have modified a bit mission planner arm condition and I would like to have a wind sensor on my boat and link this to autorize take off. I saw that pixhawk can receive NMEA 0183 messages. The idea would be to use this kind of sensor : QK-AS06 Wind Sensor with NMEA 0183 output to get wind speed and direction on the pixhawk in the boat and redirect this info to eather mission planner or the copter to prevent takeoff if there is to much wind.

What do you think of this approach ? Do you have leads on how to proceed ?

Thank you for your help !

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