Winch for Rover?

Are there any winches that work with Rover/Boat? I found a winch in the wiki but It only works for copter

The Daiwa winch is for Copter because it’s designed for package drop/place. These features are useless for a Rover. Use whatever winch you can find that accepts a PWM input.

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Im looking for something to lower sensors and cameras into the water. I can only find either small servo winches or sail winches.

Ah OK, then the features of the Daiwa winch may be suitable if it has the capacity. I forgot you have a boat.

Yeah. The Daiwa would be good if it worked on rover

I was going to do something like this, the idea I came up with was to make a servo winch, essentially take a large servo with a pulley and attach a geared potentiometer or a multi turn potentiometer to it so it essentially becomes a multiturn servo. then you can map the pwm value to the depth so you can just dial a depth and it will lower it there.

You should also fit some kind of tension limiting motor cut off so that it doesnt try and winch its self to the bottom if it gets caught on something.

my idea was to feed a lua script depth information from the ultrasonic depth sounder so that it could raise and lower the camera automatically to follow terrain.