Will "motor emergency stop" activate after RC failsafe

Hey there,

Today i had an RC failsafe and panicked I have a switch binded to “motor emergency stop” i activated it.

In the middle of RTL i regained connection, i should not be able to control it since it is in failsafe but i think the “motor emergency stop” got activated thought. My RCOU were all lowest event after i lose connection again.

I did that because it was not stable in RTL even thought it was stable in Loiter with an Error of Roll and pitch of 0.02

To sum up: I lost RC connection and activated “motor emergency stop” and in the middle of RTL i regained connection for like a sec and the motors stopped after that i lost the connection again.

Anyone got an idea? Will take the command or was it something else?

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The Emergency stop is an RC function so obviously it won’t be activated with an RC loss. But if you had the E-stop function active when it regained RC then it would activate.