Will exceeding ANGLE_MAX parameter disarm the copter?

I’d really appreciate if someone who knows how arducopter program works explain that to me. It’s really critical in my application.

I understand that the ANGLE_MAX parameter will not allow pilot to lean his copter past that angle. I need to know however what happens if this angle is exceeded for whatever the reason. It could be a wind gust, hitting a tree branch or any other external force.
Will the autopilot try to bring the copter back to stable flight within the Angle_Max zone, or will it disarm the copter mid-flight?
If the later, is there a parameter that would prevent disarming?

I have a need to make ANGLE_MAX very small but I know that it will be temporarily exceeded, especially during launches.

This will never happen for that reason.

Thank you Dave. Could you be more precise? What would never happen?
It would not disarm even though the ANGLE_MAX is exceeded?

Right, No way will it disarm from exceeding ANGLE_MAX. You could flip it and it won’t disarm. I have run into trees and it’s all over the place and it didn’t disarm.

Thank’s. That’s good news. On my test stand the copter disarms if I almost flip it and it cannot regain stability fast enough. Just cannot figure our what makes it disarm.
I thought it was the Angle_Max. Will keep searching for other causes…

You can’t rely on what it will do on a test stand. It needs to be flying. Look at the log it probably thought it had landed and auto disarmed. Or there was an EFK error and it switched to land and then disarmed.