Why would my Motor Spark and smoke my ESC

Here’s my Build

Frame. Tarot X6
FC Pixhawk 2.1 Cube - Orange
ESC BLHeli 32 DSHOT150
Motors U7 420kv
Battery: Tattu 17000mAh 22.8V 6s 15C Lipo Battery

I’ve seen this several times and keep smoking my ESCs…

Please help!

Hard to say with the information provided but I would guess you are exceeding the amperage rating of the ESC or have them wired incorrectly, not much else will smoke an ESC.

Tarot provided a shielded power cable to connect the ESCs? Do you think that could be the problem?

I don’t know. What is the ESC amperage rating and are they compatible with 6s batteries?

ESC IS Rated for 65A - Battery is 6S

I have a tarot X6 and I am using the power cable they provide with 4114 motors and 5008 motors with holybro tekko escs with zero issues.

Could is be a soldering/connector problem?

What are the exact make/model of your ESCs?

shorted winding on a motor…Fried a an esc that way a month ago.

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How do I check that?? These are brand new motors… What weird is that I can fly it for ten minutes or so and then when I was landing I was the spark come out of the more and a black spot on the ESC.

Which ESC’s are they?

ESC is Holybro Tekko32 F3 Metal (65A)

Check to see if you have a screw or some foreign object in the motor. My winding got shorted because I had sucked up a screw, it was stuck to a magnet and killed the winding. The EXC went pop and I to was using a brand new motor. In fact it had no air time at all.

Ok - will do! thanks

It looks like this motor screw is aweful close to the coil. I don’t see any signs of arcing around it.

Exactly how are those mounted? Are you using the heat shrink tubing that was provided with those ESCs?

Is the external capacitor polarity correct? Those are some nasty looking solder joints. You probbaly need a higher watt iron.

Yes, I believe so negative on negative…

Yes, I am using heat shrink tubing and heat shrink…

I have the long wires braided coming from the motor. Here is an example of one of my ESCs.

That is a lot of heat shrink tubing. Have you tried using the tubing that came with the ESCs? Not sure how any airflow can get in there to cool the ESCs.

Are you monitoring the telemetry data through Mission Planner? I would be curious what Temps you are running.

Also do these pop right away? Or after you have been flying for a bit.