WHY shouldnt i use Drone props on Rc planes

so I’m trying to find the best of the best efficient prop for 2814 900kv
what prop should I go for

and my main question what is the reason we should not use drone props on rc plane
I never got proper exploitation they always say just don’t

multirotor propellers are designed for static thrust, so generally have a very shallow pitch, to get the high speed needed for a plane you would have to spin it far too fast causing a lot of drag on the motor. think of the blade pitch like a gear ratio, the shallower the pitch the better low speed acceleration and efficiently ideal for hover and low speed flight, steeper pitch propellers are like a higher gear and are going to give you higher speeds for the same motor RPM so it can operate more efficiently at higher speeds.

if your flying a very slow plane you could probably use multirotor propellers but other than that its better to get aircraft propellers.

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Go with maximum size manufacturer and your aircraft can allow. Eg: if motor manufacturer says 10x5, 11x6, 13x8 and your aircraft can use 13x8. Go with 13x8 . Don’t go smaller.

@Sunnyfx79 That is incorrect, the different propeller sizes are for when running the motor at different voltages.

Smallest propeller will normally be for the highest voltage and the largest propeller will be for the lowest voltage as the high voltage will spin the propeller at a much faster rate.

Normally it will be something like

10inch propellers @ 2s
9 inch propellers @ 3s
8 inch propellers @ 4s

Unless your running a current limited esc your lightly to overheat the motor and esc by running a propeller too big for the voltage its rated for as it will draw a very high current when you put it inder load.

Try to find the Mfg site… here is a Sunnysky data sheet on prop and voltage use as an example:

4:18 through 4:43 gives a nice brief visual explanation of why plane and multirotor props are designed differently: